Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Painting of a "Cool Globe", 7 years and 2 continents later

6' "cool globe" painted for the
Clinton Climate Initiative, displayed at Navy Pier, Chicago

After traveling across the United States from Los Angeles to
San Francisco, the Cool Globes travelled to Europe:
Geneva, Copenhagen. . .
This is the same globe in Amsterdam, 2012

The same globe  now across from the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.
Notice how intense  the color remains after 7 years of travel, across 2 continents, and in all kinds of weather.
A testament to the quality of Golden Paints.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Recent Work: New Orleans- start of a series

swamps, alligators, rusted gates, mystery
sazerak, Irish car bombs, music, steamboat
Golden artists-swirling with color
studies in all the media

QoR Watercolor on Duralar, 12" X 18"

above: detail/  Golden acrylic with glass bead 18" X 36"

below: Williamsburg oils, 8" X 10"

RECENT WORK: Seadrenched: studies in color and light

                   The  coast off Monterey, California is rugged, full of pounding waves, jutting  rock formations and teeming with marine life :waves with otters , porpoises and dolphins, whales in the distance.. The sky is full of birds- forming deep vees as they fly in formation, or
Seadrenched, 24" X 36"

Turquois Wave, 30" X 36" oil

Rose Wave, 24" X 36"
crows and seagulls casting shadows across the sand. Full of mystery, and the promise of what lies beneath, what lands lie across the ocean. Heavy air of fog of paynes grey/titan buff wrapped in sea brine, to powerful cerulean blue skies, to tide pools with transparent layers of greengold and sap greens.